Wedding / Baptism Photography – Cinematography
Storytelling film – Short Story film
Highlights Video
Wedding Announcement Video / Save The Date film
Digital Wedding Album
Wedding Preparation Video & Wedding Party Video
Print Photos in photographic paper delivered in usb
Destination Wedding & Baptism in Greece or abroad
4K resolution
Services on demand

When you’re planning the most intimate moments of your life, you will need support, inspiration and the certainty that everything will go as planned. Frames Of Joy has just the right dosage of calmness and creativity that you really need. John and Chrysanthos will make you feel as comfortable as possible while you prepare, and they will offer full service to cover every necessity and exceed your expectations.

The photography and the cinematography of your most beautiful and happy moments are taking place within an absolute context of professionalism and friendliness.

We have all the latest tools in our arsenal which will transform every mystery in a unique experience that will stay with you forever. Frames Of Joy has a rich cinematic approach since John and Chrysanthos have a rich and expert professional life handling exceptional cameras and lenses.

Ambient lighting, bold styles of shooting and intense inspiration blend with tools like cinematic cameras, lenses, steady cam, slider, macro frames, drones, color correction, slow motion, in order to portray your days of magic with the most impeccable and marvellous way.

Most of all, Frames Of Joy captures in (photographic and cinametic) film, frame by frame, your moments of happiness. That deeply truthful moment that will be with you to cherish over and over, forever!